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Chamber on Patrol Program

We’re building a safer Swan River Valley with less crime! Join us as we make our area even better.

The Chamber on Patrol Video Program provides centrally monitored video surveillance. Businesses and residents host camera’s that are connected to the Chamber’s monitoring centre. This allows volunteers to look for problem areas in real time as well as providing a clearing house for video requests from the RCMP for their investigations. Learn more about the Video Program.

The Chamber on Patrol vehicle program provides a state of the art patrol vehicle for use by qualified volunteers, including those from the Citizens on Patrol Program. Our fully decaled vehicle includes front and back dashcam, two way radio and more. Volunteers in the vehicle are in direct contact with the video monitoring centre to know where to patrol next and can request RCMP assistance at any time. Learn more about the Vehicle Program.

The Chamber on Patrol two way radio system is available for use by businesses and individuals involved in crime prevention. It may also me used for special events. Prior to your use of the system we must issue a letter of permission to you. Our repeater is located in Swan River. You can monitor the channel on 151.97 Mhz. The system uses multiple subaudible tones to manage traffic between users.